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Button Color

The Button Style options allows you to change the colors used on the button. Click on the Start and End colors to specify the colors used on the button itself. The Color Direction combobox allows you to set the direction of the gradient effect of the colors.

You can also choose to use a texture (image) to fill the button instead of colors. Supported images are BMP, JPG, ICON, PNG, TIF, GIF, EMF, WMF and EXIF images. You can also choose the Tiled mode, Tiled (the image will be tiled normally), Tiled Flip X (the image is reversed horizontally), Tiled Flip Y (the image is reversed vertically) and Tiled Flip XY (the image is reversed both horizontally and vertically). Choose the tiled mode that suits your image best depending on how it looks.

To get more information about the program and its features, visit Button Shop.